May 14, 2021

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Barranquitas offers virtual exercises for the elderly

The Mayor of Barraquitas, Elliot Colón Blanco, announced that the La Hermandad Geriatric Center began a virtual exercise program to promote active aging among program participants.

The employees of the geriatric center visit the hundred of elderly of their enrollment to assist them in the management of virtual platforms such as Face Time, Zoom and WhatsApp. In this way they ensure that they have access and connection to participate in the classes offered by center personnel and recreational leaders from the municipal sports area. In this first stage, they serve groups of five by five with a view to increasing the number of seniors in class.

“We try to develop creative activities to maintain the quality of life of the elderly in our town. Since March they have been at home protecting themselves from contagions but we assist them to prevent them from becoming depressed. Our staff remains in direct contact with all of them and their families to ensure that they do not lack anything “, said the mayor in written statements.

For her part, the director of the geriatric center, Camaly Ortiz, reported that through the session exercises adapted for the participants are implemented. It lasts approximately 20 to 30 minutes and is accompanied by music to encourage them. The staff makes sure that, at the time of the exercise session, there are relatives present at the residence to avoid accidents, they also seek to encourage relatives to participate with the elderly in a way that serves as therapy and accompaniment.

The center’s enrollment amounts to 162, in addition to some thirty residents who are also taking care of bringing food to their homes since last March when the COVID-19 pandemic began. The mayor decided to keep them in their homes to avoid exposing them to contagion, since then all services have been provided at home.

In addition to the exercises, they are brought materials so they can make crafts and promote brain gymnastics, they are also distributed literature on current issues such as prevention measures against COVID-19, psychology articles, information on prevention for the hurricane season , among others.

In the next few weeks a vaccination against influenza will be carried out for the participants, which will be in the mode of servicarro to maintain safety and distance.

People interested in knowing details about the services offered to the elderly in Barranquitas can contact the La Hermandad Geriatric Center 787-857-2520.

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