February 24, 2021

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Barranquitas opens sports and recreation park

Barranquitas completed the remodeling work of the sports and recreational park in the Los López sector, where it enabled a reactive area for children with special needs, announced today Mayor Elliot Colón Blanco.

The facilities suffered severe damage from Hurricane Maria, for which it was necessary to claim the insurance and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) for the allocation of funds for their repair, the mayor said. After completing the procedures, close to $ 241,141 were obtained, which were entirely used to renovate the sports and recreational space.

Sign language sign.

Colón Blanco identified a playground for children, which include swings and special equipment so that those with a physical disability can enjoy them. Also, a sign with the alphabet in sign language was placed to educate the community about the importance of this sector of the population.

“It is our interest to promote recreational spaces for children with special needs. They also deserve to enjoy games and sports so we set aside an area for them so that parents can take them and feel safe. We acquired specialized equipment for your comfort, ”the mayor said in written statements.

Remodeled ball park.

Likewise, the court areas, the ball park and the mini stadium were repaired.

“Improving sports facilities represents a priority so that our children and young people can, complying with the rules of distancing and safety, practice sports and the adults who use the facilities can do exercises to maintain their health,” said Colón Blanco.

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