August 1, 2021

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Bayamón will pay mortgage arrears to residents affected by COVID-19

The municipality of Bayamón will pay mortgage arrears to residents affected by the COVID-19, as reported in writing today.

The people who could benefit are those who have partially or totally lost your income as a consequence of the pandemic and that under any bank moratorium, between March and August of this year. The mortgage loan must be of the main residence.

Bayamón has already identified some 1,800 families that could qualify for aid, which will be possible after the approval of a proposal presented by the municipal council to participate in the Mortgage Payment Program, subsidized with federal funds from the Cares law.

It was stated that the number of families benefited can increase once Popular Mortgage joins the initiative.

To participate, the owner of the residence you will receive a notification from the bank with which you have your mortgage, and the institution will tell you how to access the online application and required documents.

Once it is certified and qualified, municipal staff will go to the home to verify that it is occupied by the owners and not tenants, and validate the information provided.

In September, the municipality also announced that it will help pay back home rent, water and electricity.

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