March 5, 2021

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Beijing coronavirus outbreak appears to be on the decline

Beijing – New cases of the coronavirus declined on Wednesday in China and its capital Beijing, where a two-week outbreak appears to be losing steam.

A total of 12 cases were reported in the country, a decrease compared to 22 the previous day. Beijing reported seven cases after the previous day there were 13. The other two cases were reported in neighboring Hebei province and three were determined to have been imported by Chinese travelers.

No new deaths were reported and 359 people were still in treatment by COVID-19. Another 118 were being monitored and in isolation after testing positive for the virus, although they do not show symptoms or are suspected cases.

China has reported a total of 4,634 deaths from 83,430 coronavirus cases since it was first detected in the central city of Wuhan at the end of last year.

There were more reported in the June outbreak in Beijing. of 200 cases, the majority linked to the largest wholesale market in the city, and some confinements and cancellation of classes were ordered. Since then 3 million samples have been taken for testing from 2.43 million people in the capital, a senior municipal health official said Tuesday. A total of 249 people have been infected in Beijing since June 11.

On the other hand, South Korea reported 51 new cases of coronaviruses detected in the last 24 hours on Wednesday, maintaining an upward trend in infections. [19659005] Figures released by the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention brought the total to 12,535 infections with 281 deaths.

The agency added that 10,930 patients have recovered from the disease and 1,324 people remain on COVID treatment. -19.

South Korea has reported between 40 and 50 cases a day for the past two weeks amid an increase in public activities and a more relaxed attitude in measures of social distancing. There has also been an increase in imported infections.

The disease control centers noted that 20 of the 51 new cases came from abroad and the rest were local infections.

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