June 12, 2021

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Best sellers in the year of the pandemic

The unsuspected future of the year 2020 has caused spaces such as the El Candil bookstore to become the saving escape valve for many. Here his most requested books.

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The unexpected future of 2020 still has thousands of Puerto Ricans against the wall of destiny: isolated from loved ones as a result of the rapid contagion of Covid, and without a specific date to recapture their hugs.

The avalanche of anguish and concern caused by the pandemic, however, has caused spaces like the El Candil bookstore to become the saving escape valve for many: an intervention that, incidentally, has not only allowed jobs to be preserved in Ponce, It has also allowed countless authors to continue bringing bread to their table.

Next, the catalog of the best sellers during 2020 in El Candil, as detailed by its host entrepreneur, Tamara Yantín Ayala.

A coquí from Boriquén with the Kings to Belén

This is the story of a magical coquí that accompanied a Puerto Rican girl to the first Christmas. The singing of the coquí helps the Magi to find the Child Jesus. In gratitude, the Kings promise to annually look for each child in their country, in or outside of Puerto Rico, whenever the melody of a coquí calls them. Authors: Lara Mercado and Armando Valdés.

Love in the time of cholera

As young people, Florentino Ariza and Fermina Daza fall passionately in love, but Fermina eventually decides to marry a rich doctor from a very good family. Florentino is speechless, but he is a romantic. His career in business flourishes, and although he has 622 little romances, his heart still belongs to Fermina. When her husband finally dies, Florentino attends the funeral with all intention. At 50 years, nine months and four days after having professed love for Fermina, he will do so once more. Author: Gabriel García Marquez.

Puerto Rico in the big leagues 4th Edition

The piece gathers the statistical and achievement summary of the more than 300 Puerto Rican players who have ventured into Major League baseball in almost 80 years of history since Hiram Bithorn. Author: Jossie Alvarado.

Wuthering Rains

The reader will find in this book six interviews carried out, at various times, with the main figures in that controversy. Rubén Berríos Martínez, Juan Mari Brás, Carlos Gallisá, Luis Ángel Torres, Norman Pietri Castellón and Antonio J. “Toño” González tell their versions of this story from the distance of time and from the perspective of the years that have passed.

From Mariana Editores. Authors: Néstor Duprey, Mayir Marrero and José Sánchez Jorge.

Bedside Tips 2

Compilation of 53 columns, accented with a good touch of humor and written by the well-known oncologist. From Puerto Rican Publications. Author: Doctor Fernando Cabanillas.

Up in the fight

This work shows the concerns and aspirations of a new generation of historians and historians of our country and brings together a wide range of issues on the Puerto Rican reality, some of them addressed for the first time in the national historiography. From Mariana Editores. Authors: Evelyn Vélez Rodríguez and Carmelo Campos Cruz.


Lolita Lebrón and Francisco Matos Paoli

This issue, whose content reveals the high mysticism of these two pillars of independence, is a long-awaited gem. Through this exquisite exchange, we discover how people who faced the torture of the confinement, came out of it with more vigor, with a deep love for their fellow men and an unwavering solidarity in their fight for independence. From Editorial Patria.


Compilation of journalistic columns and presentations in different settings. From Editorial Corregidor. Author: Eduardo Lalo.

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