August 1, 2021

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Biden takes the lead in Georgia, closes in on Trump in Pennsylvania

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WASHINGTON – The Democratic candidate for the Presidency of the United States, Joe Biden, turned the provisional results around in the state of Georgia and took the lead of his rival, President Donald Trump, who had been leading the count.

The latest results announced by the local media around 4:30 a.m. give Biden an advantage over Trump of only 917 votes, a minimal difference, but significant because he has progressively closed the margin that the president had.

Just hours ago, Trump’s lead was 1,267 votes.

In Georgia there are 16 electoral votes at stake, which would be enough to give victory to Biden, who already has 264 delegates in the Electoral College (although some media question the 11 in Arizona), and needs 270 to proclaim himself the winner.

Trump, who on Thursday insisted on his complaints that he is the subject of electoral fraud, without presenting evidence, has 214 delegates insured in the Electoral College.

For his part, in Pennsylvania, the former vice president has also been closing distances with Trump and currently, with 97% of the full scrutiny, he is three tenths of a percentage away.

Trump’s advantage is now 18,042 votes, when hours after the closing of the polling stations, last Tuesday, he had reached more than half a million votes.

It is estimated that in Pennsylvania there are about 200,000 votes to be counted, most of which correspond to the vote by mail, with which it is presumed that the majority should fall on the Democrat.

Pennsylvania authorities have announced that they plan to conclude the vote on Friday.

In the 2016 election, Trump won all 20 Pennsylvania electoral votes with a difference of 40,000 votes over his Democratic rival, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Among the other states pending adjudication is Nevada, where Biden has a difference of 11,438 votes, equivalent to nine tenths of advantage over the president, when there are less than 250,000 votes to be counted.

However, the majority of those votes pending scrutiny correspond to Las Vegas and its suburbs, mostly Democrats.

And in North Carolina, Trump’s advantage is 76,701 votes (1.4 points), but the vote is not expected to conclude until next week, since in this state, votes will continue to be received by mail until the 12th.

For his part, in Arizona, a state in which some of the main media in the country projected a victory for Biden, although others keep the dispute open, the former vice president maintains an advantage of 46,257 votes, when there are about 300,000 to be counted, mostly Upfront votes not yet processed.

Finally, in Alaska, where the scrutiny has been slower and remains at 56%, it is taken for granted that Trump will rise with the three contested delegates, since his advantage is almost 30 percentage points (54,610 votes).

Faced with Biden’s rise in key pending states, President Trump delivered a statement at the White House on Thursday afternoon in which he doubted the reliability of the electoral system and, without evidence, again denounced being the victim of fraud.

Trump, who has been sowing doubts about the postal voting system for months, insisted on his idea that there are votes that are legal and others that are not, without the state authorities having denounced irregularities in the voting, in person or by mail. .

“If they count the legal votes we win easily, but if they count the illegal votes they can try to steal the elections from us,” Trump said in an indictment against Biden that has been criticized even among members of his own party.

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