June 15, 2021

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Biewer terrier is recognized as a new breed of dog in the United States | Present

NY– Her name is Biewer terrier and she’s been busy.

The American Kennel Club announced Monday that the cheerful little Biewer has become the 197th breed of dog it recognizes. That makes small dogs eligible to compete in the best dog category at many US events, including the prestigious Westminster Kennel Club, which this year takes place in June instead of its usual February date.

With its long coat, lively expression, and weighing between 1.8 and 3.6 kilograms (4-8 pounds), the Biewer could resemble a Yorkshire terrier, and it’s no wonder.

The Biewer was originally developed by a German couple, for whom it is named, who breed Yorkie dogs after one of their dogs had a puppy with unusual white markings in 1984.

Americans began importing it in the early 2000s, said breeder Adrianne Dering, who was intrigued after seeing one at a rare breed event.

“They’re just very loving and laid back. For a small dog, he’s not a very nervous one,” said Dering, of Morgantown, West Virginia.

Active, playful and highly portable, little dogs like company, so they’re probably not ideal for people who have to leave their pets alone for long work hours, Dering said.

For several years, Biewer breeders have worked to be recognized by the AKC, the oldest pure breed registry in the United States. The designation requires that there be at least 300 dogs of the breed distributed in at least 20 states, among other requirements.

Dog breeding often draws criticism from animal rights and welfare advocates, who claim that the demand for purebred puppies encourages dog breeders and alienates pet lovers from those in shelters. of adoption.

The AKC claims that it encourages responsible breeding of healthy dogs, and argues that it preserves attributes that have honed different breeds for various jobs and can help people make a lasting commitment to the dog that is right for them.

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