April 16, 2021

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Blackouts and floods | PRESENT

Several communities and sectors remained in the southwest of the Island under water and without electricity service after the passage of the Isaías storm.

The residents of the area, who day by day face the telluric activity that has occurred since the late last year, yesterday they took precautions for the floods.

The mayor of Cabo Rojo, Roberto Ramírez Kurtz, reported that practically the entire municipality had been without electricity service since 5:30 am, while in various sectors From the town, the rains had caused the closure of streets due to the floods.

Ramírez Kurtz highlighted that the most affected areas are the cistern, Corozo sector and some residences in Los Morales. “We need to be able to draw water from what is known as the Aljibe in Corozo and Los Morales because we have some residences flooded there. Already in La Concepción the water went down. What happens is that for two of its areas they have a stream that is the main one and the one that passes by the urbanization. When the water from the creek reaches a lot of height and pressure, it closes the gate and does not allow the Concepción water to flow out, "he indicated earlier in the day.

He stressed that, like the residents of his town, in other towns from the west as San Germán, Hormigueros and Mayagüez were also without electricity. and gusts of wind that caused the fall of trees on the power line in different sectors of the Stately City. This left many people without electricity.

As reported to EL VOCERO Mayor María “Mayita” Meléndez, the storm caused 48,000 subscribers to remain at 7:00 yesterday morning. without light of a total of 65,000. Already at 10:00 in the morning, he reported that there were 13,500 without electricity. Since 2:00 in the morning there have been bands of rain and strong gusts of wind. I have all the municipal personnel on the street working, "said Meléndez.

Some of the roads where the municipality had identified the fall of trees were on PR-132, PR-2, PR-10, PR-503, PR-505.

Meanwhile, in Guánica the entire town was without electricity, as confirmed by Mayor Santos Seda.

"We have not had electricity since the early hours of the morning, but we have been in communication with them (PREPA personnel) and once the weather conditions allow it, the patrolling will begin, "Seda said.

He specified that there is a power line on the ground on Highway 332 and a fallen pole in the La Laguna neighborhood. [19659002] The floods also raised the president's concern, especially in the Vista Mar area, near the Guánica boardwalk.

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