January 27, 2021

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Boa constrictor seen in urbanization in Ponce

Photocapture of video of boa constrictor in Urb. Santa María in Ponce

PONCE – A resident of Perpetuo Socorro Street in the Santa María Urbanization in Ponce sighted a snake a few days ago climbing a stick of pomegranate near her home. Scared and nervous at the uncertainty of whether the creeping animal was poisonous or dangerous, she alerted the authorities to try to catch her.

The attempt was unsuccessful, because Rescue personnel could not arrive in time to find the snake, but when they saw the video that Damaris Bonnin took about the animal, they told her that it was most likely a boa constrictor.

According to Bonnin testimony, the animal was approximately 5 or 6 feet in length and seeing it for her was “extremely impressive.”

Several days have passed since the sighting and fear and uncertainty continue between her and her neighbors, as they fear for the damage that the boa could do to them.

For this reason, Bonnin decided to notify La Perla del Sur to alert the public about the presence of this animal in the community and urge those who know of its whereabouts to contact the relevant authorities to catch it and thus avoid any damage. regrettable to human life.

Non-native boas constrictors, which can exceed 10 feet and 75 pounds, have established a breeding population in Puerto Rico, one that appears to be spreading, according to research published in the journal Biological Invasions.

In the last year alone, more than 150 boas have been found in the wild on the island.

According to scientific studies, boas constrictors attack when they perceive a threat. Its bite can be painful, especially from large snakes, but it is rarely dangerous to humans. Still, it is important to notify the authorities about their presence in the communities.

If you have seen any boa, call Municipal Rescue at 787-840-5353 or the Rangers Corps at 787-724-5700, 787-230-5550, 787-984-2492 or 787-984-2493.

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