May 15, 2021

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Board requests information on attempt to screw PNP employees into agencies | government

The Fiscal Control Board sent a letter to the government of Puerto Rico to explain the alleged attempt by the New Progressive Party (PNP) to screw trusted employees into career positions within days of the electoral ban.

The executive director, Natalie Jaresko, of the fiscal body addressed the letter to Omar Marrero, executive director of the Puerto Rico Fiscal Agency and Financial Advisory Authority (Aafaf), and expressed her concern about this matter, raised by several popular legislators. .

According to Jaresko, they have received complaints that the Automobile Accident Compensation Administration (ACAA), the Department of Correction and Rehabilitation (DCR), the Department of Natural and Environmental Resources (DRNA, the Public Buildings Authority (AEP) and The State Insurance Fund Corporation has tried to accommodate trusts employees in various career positions in a short time.

“We have been informed of plans to take up various career positions while decreasing the number of trusted employees in these agencies. Although these agencies appear to be following due process under the law and government regulations, the goal should be to achieve greater transparency while following the principle of merit, ”the letter reads.

Jaresko added that the rush to hire people to fill career positions “in what appears to be an expeditious deadline, near the end of the current government, could lead one to wonder why.”

For this reason, the executive director of the fiscal entity asked all the indicated government institutions that on or before September 11 they must deliver: an explanation of why the career positions they wish to fill are necessary now, why the positions had not been above, explain your hiring goals and an explanation of hiring practices, the evaluation and interview process, and the metrics used to select candidates. They must also submit a copy of all calls and a certification of all budgeted career positions for the current fiscal year.

Jaresko insisted on the Government of Puerto Rico not to convert positions of trust into career positions “or that employees are not hired for reasons other than the principle of merit.”

Read the full letter here:

Natalie Jaresko letter p.1

Natalie Jaresko letter p.2

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