February 24, 2021

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Boricua passes the national physical therapy exam with a perfect score

The School of Health Professionals (EPS) of the Medical Sciences Campus (RCM) of the University of Puerto Rico (UPR), announced that Dr. Claudia Rodríguez Rivera, a graduate of the School’s Doctor of Physical Therapy program, approved the National Physical Therapy Revalidation (NPTE) with a perfect score.

“Completing my doctorate and passing the revalidation with this score was undoubtedly a great challenge in the face of difficult times and of great uncertainty. After much effort and preparation I am ready to help patients reach their highest potential for rehabilitation; continue to grow as a professional and face new challenges such as fighting to improve the working conditions of Physical Therapists in Puerto Rico “said Dr. Claudia Rodríguez.

He highlighted that “the Doctoral Program is a recent one, with a lot of academic growth, and that without a doubt raises the level of the profession in Puerto Rico. It is extremely important to continue investing in the UPR, so that this and other programs of this institution continue to compete with other programs at the national level and can continue to provide an accessible education ”.

The RCM School of Health Professionals also congratulated her.

For his part, Dr. Segundo Rodríguez, rector of the RCM, stated that “we are extremely proud of the great performance shown by Dr. Claudia Rodríguez. There is no doubt that this achievement is the result of her effort, discipline and dedication. We are sure that the knowledge and training of excellence that Claudia obtained in our Campus will contribute and be of great benefit to our citizens ”.

Likewise, the president of the UPR, Dr. Jorge Haddock, highlighted the importance for the institution of the great academic achievement of Dr. Rodríguez Rivera.

“The perfect score achieved by Claudia is a great triumph and pride for our entire university community and for Puerto Rico, an example that talent and discipline, in conjunction with the skills acquired in the main educational center of the island, are tools for success and self-improvement. Claudia’s triumph serves as a stimulus and an example for other students who study in specialized disciplines and who involve so much sacrifice and commitment. The greatest success for her. Congratulations! ”Said Haddock.

In turn, Dr. Bárbara Segarra, dean of the RCM School of Health Professionals, expressed: “Claudia’s achievement fills us with pride and satisfaction, especially because her years of study at our School were marked by disasters. natural and momentous events in our country. In turn, this achievement shows that our Physical Therapy Doctoral Program has a curriculum and a faculty of excellence. We are the only educational institution in Puerto Rico that offers a degree in Physical Therapy, a crucial profession in the health of our people ”.

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