November 25, 2020

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Called not to let your guard down | government

Given the slight increase in the number of patients hospitalized with Covid-19, the call to not let your guard down grows, to continue with the use of masks, social distancing and hygiene measures that prevent the spread of the novel virus. , for which there is no vaccine.

The Health Department yesterday reported a total of 118 patients hospitalized for the coronavirus, representing an increase of 18 cases in a 24-hour period. Of these, nine were confined to the Intensive Care Unit and five remained connected to a respirator.

In an interview with EL VOCERO the executive president of the Hospital Association, Jaime Plá, stated that the number of patients hospitalized for Covid-19 has been going up and down for the last month.

“Obviously you have to be aware because there are more people in contact with other people and that could cause more cases. But last week, on Tuesday, he was at 121 (hospitalized), down to 90, back to 100, and now there are 118; that is, we are in a 'rise and fall', but we have not exceeded any important level in what could have been the largest number of cases that occurred at any given time, "he said.

Plá called for the citizens to continue practicing physical distancing, using a mask and washing their hands as preventive measures.

“I believe that people should continue to take care of themselves and continue to wear a mask. What I am hearing anecdotally – because I have not been on the street – is that there are many people who are not wearing masks. And they have to continue using it and if they can do the physical distancing, because that is very important and obviously wash their hands. We have to continue doing it with the necessary rigor, "he stressed.

Although there were many people this weekend on the beaches —mainly celebrating July 4, United States Independence Day— Plá stressed that" that is not the which is why we are seeing the increase, because those – those who are on the beach – we are going to see them in 10 days, if that caused anything. "

" That is, what we are seeing (more infections and hospitalizations) is the effect of 10 or 12 days ago. We have to be aware, but I don't think we are at the level of hitting the panic button under any circumstances yet, "he added.

Cause and effect

For his part, surgeon William Méndez , a member of the medical 'task force' that advises Governor Wanda Vázquez during the coronavirus emergency, expressed that it is already known that 15% of all infected patients will require hospitalization.

"That is a fact that we know. It is not that the disease is giving more bad, it is that more contagions are occurring. So, when you have that 15% of all those are going to require hospitalization, then you see an increased number of hospitalizations. Here what is happening is an increase in contagions, "he indicated.

" Therefore, it is being reflected in the increase in hospitalizations and we are seeing that this number of 15% is in line with what is being reported. Why – in my opinion – do I think there is an increase? In the last few days we are seeing the curve again leaning up a bit. Not as much as when we had the peak, but it would seem that we are having another increase, "added Méndez.

In this sense, he said that the reason for the rise in contagion is that despite the fact that the most recent executive order signed by the Governor provides for the strict use of the mask —even in outdoor activities— citizens are not complying with it.

“People are not wearing masks on the street. When I go to a restaurant, I see that people follow the instructions. When I go to a supermarket, in establishments, I see that they are quite compulsive in following this, but I see a lot of social activity outdoors where there is a lack of individual responsibility, "he stressed.

Méndez said that at the moment the The answer should not be to shut ourselves up again, but that somehow more emphasis must be placed on the use of a mask, especially in outdoor activities.

“For me, there is the answer to the increase in infections and therefore, the increase in hospitalizations, "he said.

Health figures

Yesterday the daily Health report reported no deaths from Covid-19, but 28 confirmed cases were registered and 68 additional probable cases. With this, they add up to 7,916 confirmed and probable cases.

Without additional deaths, the total number of confirmed deaths remains at 60 and the probable number adds up to 95, bringing the total to 155.

The results of the confirmed cases of Covid-19 correspond to 920 women and 926 men. . The total number of confirmed cases was adjusted to 1,846, after adding one case with a sampling date of May 6. The confirmed cases are those that have a positive molecular test.

Recommend caution

This weekend, epidemiologist Jessica Irizarry, from the Department of Health, issued an appeal for caution.

“To enjoy on the beach, the most important thing is the social physical distance, both in the water and in the sand and in the common areas. Likewise, it is recommended to wear masks, whenever possible, and to avoid sharing objects that have contact with other people, such as goggles and ‘snorkels,’ ”he said.

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