June 12, 2021

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Camuy will make massive tests of coronavirus before rise of cases

The mayor of Camuy, Gabriel "Gaby" Hernández, announced today that the municipality will carry out massive tests for coronavirus after the increase in cases among residents.

It was reported that the municipality will give priority to neighborhoods where there are confirmed infections .

Precisely, tomorrow 200 rapid tests will be provided in the Quebrada neighborhood . The service will be provided in a servicarro type from 9:00 to 11:00 in the morning in the Elba Rivera Pérez recreational area where the track and court are located indoors. Two residents of that neighborhood died of COVID-19: Héctor Acabá, former president of the Municipal Legislature, and Rocío Acabá, his daughter . They were 76 and 48 years old, respectively.

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It was indicated that the residents should present a valid photo ID, a water or light bill and your medical plan card . However, the health plan card will not be necessary for those who lack health insurance.

“Our people can be sure that we will continue to put up the resources that are necessary to attend to the emergency, since day zero that has been our commitment, but the effort has to be on both sides in order to overcome this terrible enemy, "said the mayor in written statements.

He suspended political activities

On the other hand, Hernández pointed out that the political activities of the New Progressive Party in Camuy were suspended until July 26.

“Absolutely nothing can be above the health of our people, family and work team, the scheduled agendas will have time and space at another time, trainings, meetings , gatherings, workshops and political trainings of the New Progressive Party in Camuy are suspended and unauthorized until Sunday, July 26 ”, said jo.

The mayor aspires to a next four-year term in the municipal chair.

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