June 25, 2021

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Canóvanas merchants will provide meals to COVID-19 patients

The mayor, Lornna J. Soto Villanueva, announced today that all COVID-19 patients residents of Canóvanas will have lunches prepared by hot food businesses or restaurants in this town.

“The municipality of Canóvanas opened a new COVID-19 Tracking and Contact Center last month. In it, we have a team of professionals headed by epidemiologist Krystal Ortiz. Between our weekly meetings, we have identified strategies to prevent contagion and other needs. One of them is that we have infected or suspicious neighbors who lack family resources to support them, especially single mothers, middle-aged and elderly adults, who are forced to leave their home while convalescing or in quarantine. What can cause contagion in the community ”, indicated the mayor.

“With this in mind, is that I presented a call to the small merchants of our Municipality to prepare lunches and dinners for these patients or people with possible coronavirus infection,” he added. “We will also integrate students with special needs and from private schools, which are close to 400 students, who do not receive the benefit of the Department of Education and their parents have faced need, “he said.

“I have appointed a group of nutritionists and a health services administrator who already work in our Municipality in charge of this initiative. These nutritionists will prepare a healthy menu and ensure a strict COVID-19 protocol, “he said.

Merchants interested in participating should call (787) 957-1083 or send an email to [email protected].

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