June 14, 2021

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Car accident with a serious pedestrian

He was referred to the Medical Center with bone exposure in his leg

Photo: Cybernews

Villalba – A car accident with a pedestrian was reported on Wednesday afternoon on highway 149 km 56.3 in Villalba.

From the police investigation carried out, it is established that the young Héctor J. Torres Colón, 22 years old and (who is not authorized – does not have a license), was driving the motor vehicle, Toyota brand, Corolla model, white in 1990, by the mentioned highway.

Upon reaching Km. 56.1, it changed lanes because another motor vehicle stopped to give way to the pedestrian who crossed in an unauthorized place, causing him to hit Juan Negrón Torres with the front of the vehicle, 76 years old, who was injured in the right leg.

Negrón Torres was transported by paramedics from the Municipal Medical Emergencies to the San Cristóbal Hospital in Ponce, where he was treated by Dr. Hernández, who diagnosed bone exposure in the right leg and referred to the Río Piedras Medical Center, at the time in stable condition.

Prosecutor Fabiola Rivera was informed, who ordered the taking of measurements and photos of the scene, which were taken by investigating agent José Maldonado of the Ponce Highway Patrols and agent Roberto Leandry of Technical Services, in addition to the occupation of the motor vehicle for survey purposes.

Also, the alcohol test was carried out by means of breath to the young Héctor Torres (driver), who gave negative (% .000) in it and through blood to Juan Negrón.

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