April 16, 2021

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Carjacking charges are filed

Charges for the crime of carjacking were filed against Aberzain Batista Toro, alias Mero -36 years old-, for events reported on August 9 in the Factor neighborhood of Arecibo.

The case was presented before Judge Rafael Lugo, of the Court of First Instance of Arecibo, who after hearing the evidence, determined cause for the crime and set him a global bond of $ 25,000, which he did not pay. Batista Toro was admitted to the Bayamón prison, until the preliminary hearing on Friday, September 4.

The events were recorded on the PR-2 highway of the mentioned neighborhood at 5:30 am late, when the defendant stripped the plaintiff of his brown Kia Random vehicle. The car was later recovered in Arecibo.

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