June 12, 2021

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Carlos Acevedo says that Elmer Román ordered him to disappear supplies | government

The ex-commissioner of the Bureau for Emergency Management and Disaster Administration (NMEAD), Carlos Acevedo, assured today that the Secretary of State, Elmer Román gave him the order to disappear the supplies found in Ponce after the earthquakes that occurred in the south of the Island at the beginning of the year.

"When I speak to the Secretary of State, who at the time was Elmer Román, he tells me: supplies disappear," Acevedo said in an interview with Mayra López Mulero in WKAQ580.

Acevedo assured that he indicated to Román that the supplies could not be disappeared because they were being distributed to the mayors according to the need.

However, in January Román assured Acevedo in a press conference. He had instructions to distribute the supplies. Likewise, Román alleged that on January 17 he received a photo from the warehouse and contacted Acevedo, who indicated that the store had expired water and 80 special cots for obese people. He mentioned that he did not find out that there were more materials until January 18 when citizens revealed that there were "many more supplies than the commissioner had reported."

Last week, the Special Committee of the Chamber for Reconstruction and Preparation Total of Puerto Rico before an Emergency filed a first report on the investigation of the warehouse found in Ponce during the earthquake emergency in the southwest of the Island. In the Román report he is referred to the authorities "by the possible commission of perjury for expressions pledged under oath before the special commission. "

" Roman's responses to members of the special commission demonstrate a total lack of cooperation with the legislative work. His refusal to answer questions about the content of the preliminary report shows that its intention was to hide essential information from the special commission and the legislative mandate contained in the Resolution of the 1696 Chamber ", the report states.

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