June 12, 2021

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Carmen Yulín Cruz resigns as mayor of San Juan

Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz resigned today, Thursday, as mayor of San Juan less than two weeks after the next first executive of the municipality was sworn in.

“At 11:59 am, I would resign my position as mayor of San Juan; Administrator Esperanza Ruiz will remain as interim mayor for the next week … I leave with my head held high knowing that we gave the country an example of an alliance that worked, “said Cruz.

The New Progressive Senator Miguel Romero was preliminarily certified by the State Elections Commission as the elected candidate of the capital city.

He also assured that he will not attend Romero’s inauguration for not considering him as mayor-elect.

In addition to collaborating with universities in Massachusetts, she will serve as a lobbyist for the Association of Mayors in the federal capital.

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