May 14, 2021

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Carmen Yulín suspends Pedro Julio Serrano from employment

The mayor of San Juan, Carmen Yulín Cruz Soto, suspended LGBTTQ rights activist Pedro Julio Serrano this afternoon after being notified via text message by Serrano himself of his arrest for domestic violence .

Serrano acted as advisor in charge of the Vida Program and the Trans Clinic .

"Because it is someone I love, it is a painful decision personally, but administratively necessary. It must be made clear that in this Municipality of San Juan everyone is measured with the same yardstick, without exceptions, without cronyism and without towels. It has to be clear that the rules are for everyone and everyone equally, "said the mayor in a written communication. [19659004] “After making the determination to suspend employment, Pedro Julio Serrano had all access to municipal systems withdrawn, as established by public policy of our administration. Until the situation is finally and finally resolved, Pedro Julio will be prevented from handling work-related issues in person or remotely, "said the municipal president.

Serrano was detained this afternoon, Monday, as part of a complaint against him for allegations of domestic violence.

“The country knows of the friendship that unites me with Pedro Julio; and I will never deny that friendship; but that can never be a reason to treat someone differently, or with preferences. Pedro Julio will face the process he has to face and his future in the Municipality depends on the outcome of that process. ”

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