April 17, 2021

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Carolina municipal legislator dies as a result of COVID-19

Carolina’s municipal legislator, Aníbal Carrión López, died after struggling with serious complications from COVID-19, Mayor José Carlos Aponte reported this afternoon.

The mayor decreed three days of mourning in the city, so the flags of all municipal buildings in Carolina will remain at half mast, as a tribute to the public service provided by the Carolina legislator.

“It has been very sad news because he always proved to be a productive person and with the will that is required to be able to work for the welfare of the people of Carolina from his seat. The coronavirus continues to snatch loved ones from us, so we cannot stop insisting that we must take care of each other with protective measures. We have lost a great public servant ”, expressed in writing Mayor Aponte.

Aníbal Carrión López resided in Carolina since 1978 and after the 1984 elections, he became a municipal legislator serving as vice president until 1994. He returned to the legislature in 2005 where he continued to monitor and preserve the best interests of the communities and people in social disadvantage through the works and programs created by the Carolinense municipal administration.

“Having the experience and sensitivity that Don Aníbal always showed towards each of the projects and services that were presented for consideration in the municipal legislature was a great success for our City. During his lifetime, he presided over the Finance and Budget Commission from 2005 to the present and also worked as president of the Social Development Commission and the Legal and Regulation Commission ”, added Aponte.

At present, he worked as a Union Officer of Workers of the University of Puerto Rico and was Undersecretary of the Association of Municipal Legislators for a few years.

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