June 15, 2021

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Carraízo will not receive rains, at least, until next Monday

If you are one of the people who will see an interruption in their water service from today, Thursday, as part of the rationing to the Carraízo reservoir we urge you to take all responsible measures and make use of measured water, since it will not be until next week when rains arrive that could benefit the reservoir.

This is clear from the weather projections of the National Meteorological Service (SNM) whose models meteorological anticipate the arrival of a tropical wave this coming Monday with the ability to wrap the island in clouds that produce a long day of downpours .

However, there is uncertainty as to how much rain could accumulate with this disturbance. [19659004] "What we see is an event that could be arriving on Monday with downpours that benefit much of the island including the eastern area," said SNM meteorologist Ian Colón Pagán In an interview with El Nuevo Día .

The basin of the Carraízo reservoir, whose level dropped from yesterday to today to 37.02 meters of water according to Aqueduct and Sewer Authority it is located in the eastern-inland area of ​​the island that accumulates a rainfall deficit of between eight to 12 inches.

According to SNM statistics, for the reservoir to increase its level, it must drop by about five inches of precipitation within the areas surrounding the reservoir.

In addition, in order for the reservoir to bring its level to the safety phase, from the control level where it is now, it should receive the same amount of water as It has not fallen in that area for more than two months, so the accumulation should amount to 12 inches of water that can only be possible with a vigorous tropical wave.

"For the moment, we know that we are going to receive that tropical wave this Monday, but you have to be pending what will be its impact. Meanwhile, we will have a dry air mass dominating the local area, "said Colón Pagán.

He pointed out that during these days it is possible that some downpours may occur due to the combination of local effects, but they will not be enough to improve the state of Carraízo and the Cidra reservoir, which are the two reservoirs with the most complex scenario compared to the rest .

The Cidra reservoir fell again two centimeters from yesterday to today and accumulates 400.97 meters of water within the level of operational adjustments.

Other reservoirs such as Patillas that has 61.76 meters of water, Toa Vaca (147.51), Carite (541.79) and Guajataca (193.69) remain at the observation level.

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