April 18, 2021

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Cataño mayor disarmed for employee requesting protection order

The mayor of Cataño, Félix Delgado Montalvo, was disarmed after an employee presented a protection order for stalking, as Metro learned.

This is Rene Pantoja Pineda, a municipal employee assigned to the Plaza del Mercado, who requested a court order of stalking against him, the municipal administrator and another employee.

The mayor stated that “this occurs after receiving administrative instructions from the director of Human Resources, which he refused to comply with in several occasions. Even explaining the importance of this matter, Pantoja Pineda refused to comply with the vacation plan that the municipality will implement, so the director of Human Resources requested my presence at a meeting in which the scope of the plan was explained to her ”.

“I arrived and stated that the administrative order applies to all municipal employees and that the correct thing is that they should take advantage of it. When he left the place, Pantoja Pineda approached and I referred him to the Director of Human Resources, who is the call to clear up all doubts. Then I left the place without having any other interaction with this person, "he stated.

He indicated that" regarding the other allegations mentioned and involving the administrator and another municipal employee, these will be dealt with in a timely manner before the Court ”.

Metro learned that in this situation, the mayor of Cataño was disarmed by order of the Court.

This media tried to communicate with Pantoja's defense, but it indicated that it would not be offering expressions at this time .

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