August 1, 2021

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Cayey about to complete its new roundabout to remove plugs

The mayor of Cayey, Rolando Ortiz Velázquez, reported today that the roundabout in the urban center is in its final details to be inaugurated soon.

“In Cayey, roundabouts are a fundamental part of our Transportation System, and it has been proven that they remove plugs and allow human mobility in a safe and fast way. By having this synchronized system, we generate economic growth, new jobs, more businesses and homes in the center of the city, ”said Ortiz Velázquez in written statements.

The project began in 2015 with the first roundabout at the entrance to the city, between the PR-52 and PR-1 highway, at the site of a fast food restaurant that was expropriated for those purposes. According to the mayor, the initiative had an initial investment of $ 2.3 million and its use has proven to be effective in removing plugs.

Construction of a roundabout in Cayey.

“In fact, that was the first roundabout to be built outside of the metropolitan area to the correct specifications. This project has transformed the life of the city and it eliminates the traffic lights ”, added Ortiz Velázquez.

“For example, when the driver encounters a buildup of water on the road, he naturally proceeds to brake and that is what we seek to avoid. During the process, as soon as we detect difficulty in the drainage, we proceed to solve it and carry out the corresponding tests ”, he indicated.

These works are part of the transformation of the city, called Cayey Ciudad Verde, which seeks an economic, social, cultural and historical rebound. Other works have been the remodeling of the Pedro Montañez stadium, the municipal theater, the public square, the entrances and urban gardens, among others.

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