November 28, 2020

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Cayey lights up Christmas tonight with cybernetic presentation

Today Saturday at 7:00 pm the municipality of Cayey will broadcast its Christmas lighting through the page of Facebook ‘Cayey Ciudad Verde’, announced its mayor, Rolando Ortiz Velázquez. It will feature an exhibition of the winning Christmas postcards of the student contest that the municipality has sponsored for several years and that is already a Cayeyan tradition of the Christmas season. “We have worked on this project with great care and detail, balancing the importance of citizen protection in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic and the continuation of our traditions,” explained the mayor.

This year, the Christmas postcard project involved 8 elementary schools including one private. The best 5 drawings were selected, for a total of 40 postcard models that will be mailed to residences in Cayey. “In this project, we are grateful for the help of the coordinating teachers identified in each school and the teachers who worked with the students through their cyber platforms,” added Gretchen Hau Irizarry, special assistant in the Municipality of Cayey.

The exhibition of the winning postcards, in a giant format, is now available in the old town hall in front of Plaza Ramón Frade de León, where 33 postcards were placed on each balcony of the building. A representative group of the Tuna de Cayey, among other musicians, will participate in the virtual lighting tonight, under the direction of Andrés Yambó, with all the protections related to the pandemic.

“We invite everyone to join us tonight from ‘Cayey Ciudad Verde’ on Facebook, as well as the Casa Histórica de la Música Cayetana page. Let us honor the values ​​that inspire Christmas by exercising the greatest possible prudence in relation to the reality that we are living as a people ”, concluded Mayor Ortiz Velázquez.

The winning students by school were the following:

Fray Pablo Benigno Carrión School: LyAnn Colón Rodríguez, Jayrienis A. Bonilla Ortega, Yaron Gutiérrez Velázquez, Mariana I Ortiz López and Kiara L Rodríguez Santiago.

Mi Patria Educational Center: Benjamín A Rosario, Nathanael Colón Reyes, Yeriel González Díaz and Lynelis Berrios Miranda.

La Merced School: Adrián E Garcia Jiménez, Alaia Tolentino Meléndez, Jaziel A. Rivera Cartagena, Amanda S. Hernández Reyes and Ariana Zoé Tolentino Meléndez.

León Candela Emerita School: Rebekah Rodríguez Burgos, Amanda I Mártir Sánchez, Diego J. Colón Ares, Nayhara Z. Morales Ríos and Jason A Díaz Reyes.

León Montessori Emeritus School: Dhalía A. Lago Torres, Yeinier Santiago Irizarry, Celianis C. Malavé Irízarry, Kaylen Rivera Domenech and Kalyani Rivera Domenech.

Gerardo Sellés Solá School: Yonhyel A. Roldan Collazo, Yavet I. Rivera Cartagena, Sofía V. Rodríguez Rivera, Eidary C. Rivera Rivera and Jaylizette Martinez Rodríguez.

Salvador Brau School: Alexiel Y. Concepción López, Isaac J. Arocho López, Leyshmarie Santiago Rentas, Allyson K Mirandas and Jayden J. Rivera Martínez.

Virginia Vázquez Mendoza School: Genesis A Merced Cartagena, Bíanca Z. Ramos Martínez, Nayla Meléndez Viera, Assylnm Lajara Molina, Daislianys Burgos Vicente.

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