June 12, 2021

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Cayey Mayor is quarantined after sharing with "Conny" Varela

The mayor of Cayey Rolando Ortiz Velázquez reported today that he is keeping the recommended quarantine process at his home, after attending yesterday a press conference where he was present the representative José “Conny” Varela who this morning reported that he is positive to COVID-19.

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“From early in the morning I activated the protocols of rigor. At the press conference in which I participated yesterday, all medical recommendations were taken, such as the use of masks, constant disinfection with alcohol and adequate distance. We hope that there will be no infections, but naturally we all have to take the necessary measures "the leader of the Caymanians and Caymanians said in written statements.

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“May this situation serve as an example for all of us to be stricter and more disciplined in managing the pandemic. Together we are going to defeat COVID-19, let us be sure. Let us remember that what the Governor proposes is a guide for managing the pandemic and each citizen has to be disciplined, take care of himself and his family. With the example of yesterday the magnitude of this crisis is demonstrated. It is a good time to reflect and be more strict with the protocols "he said.

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