April 22, 2021

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CDC issues guidelines in favor of reopening schools | PRESENT

NEWS NOW- The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have spoken in favor of reopening schools in their new guidelines, following pressure from Donald Trump demanding that the agency change its recommendations. [19659002] The new guidelines, which arrive just after the US reached 4 million confirmed cases of Covid-19, say that children do not suffer much from the coronavirus and are less likely than adults to spread it. [19659002] Although CDC recommends that local officials should consider closing schools, or leaving them closed, if there is substantial and uncontrolled transmission of the virus in their community.

CDC has been promising these new guidelines for more than a week because of the demands Trump. "It is critically important to our public health to reopen schools this fall," said Dr. Robert Redfield, CDC director.

"School closings have disrupted normal ways of life for children and parents, and they have had negative consequences in our youth. CDC is prepared to work with K-12 schools to reopen safely, while protecting the most vulnerable, "said Redfield.

In the guidelines, the CDC also indicated that the available evidence indicates that" Covid-19 represents risks relatively low for school-age children ”and that they appear to be less likely to contract the virus.

As of July 17, the US reported that children and adolescents under the age of 18 represent less than 7% of Covid-19 cases and less than 0.1% of disease-related deaths; according to the CDC.

The agency said there are few reports that children are transmitters within their families, based on virus and antibody test data; although they indicate that “no study is conclusive.”

Although there are not enough studies, the CDC considers that face-to-face classes are more important for children than the need to protect them, the teachers and their families from contracting the virus.

"It can lead to severe learning loss and the need for in-person instruction is particularly important for students with amplified behavioral needs," says the CDC statement.

However, many medical experts They have made it clear that it is not safe to reopen schools as Coronavirus continues to spread in a community. The CDC takes this into consideration.

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