August 5, 2021

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CEE Central Building Closed for Possible Covid-19 Case | government

The central building of the State Elections Commission (CEE) was closed today due to a possible case of coronavirus (Covid-19), reported the president of the electoral entity, Juan Ernesto Dávila Rivera.

“In the Yesterday we learned of a possible case of Covid-19. After performing the serological test, according to the safety protocol established in the EEC, the case was confirmed and this employee was immediately sent to perform the molecular test, which is 100% safe, we are awaiting the result of the same ”

In a written communication, he indicated that three other possible positive cases of Covid-19 had been identified, which should also undergo molecular testing. All the employees of the apartment that were exposed will have to undergo the serological test.

“The sanitation process of the entire administrative building was immediately coordinated, which will begin tomorrow. Our intention is that our employees feel safe. In addition, since the work in the EEC resumed, employees have been provided with masks, hand sanitizer and soap, "he added.

Last May, the building was closed after two employees tested positive for the virus through the serological test.

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