July 30, 2021

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CEE clarifies the content of the cases found

San Juan – The State Elections Commission (CEE) clarified on Thursday morning that the 320 briefcases delivered to the CEE correspond to the last routes for collecting briefcases and materials on the day of the General Elections and the Plebiscite.

“The briefcases were delivered by the Permanent Enrollment Boards on the last collection route at the island level. The content of these briefcases varies between leftovers, guts – meaning pens, adhesive tape, markers, stamps, lamps and indelible ink, among other materials -, leftover and unused ballots from the night of the event; empty briefcases that were sterilized by the Domicile Routes; Voting ballots at home and envelopes for voting by mail from November 2, 2020 ”, indicated the EEC in a written statement.

The inventory of these briefcases was carried out, as usual, by a board made up of officials from the different political parties, the EEC reported.

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