January 26, 2021

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CEE president considers placing a second counting machine per table

It also ruled that it will evaluate the establishment of a second round for the general scrutiny process

President of the EEC, Francisco Rosado, (Photo Cybernews)

San Juan – The president of the State Elections Commission (CEE), Francisco Rosado Colomer detailed on Friday how the general scrutiny processes are going.

He anticipated how the scrutiny process is going in San Juan.

“They have seen that at least the works are being carried out with some fluidity today. We are about to finish precinct one in San Juan, only one briefcase was missing. In precinct two we are also missing a briefcase. In Unit 74 of the five precincts we are about to finish it. Eleven briefcases are missing, the five seals, ”explained Rosado Colomer at a press conference.

“We have the expectation that tomorrow we will start with unit 77, which is advance voting, domicile and early voting by mail and precinct three that we already threw the briefcases on the floor, precinct three in San Juan is being worked on. Once we finish with precinct three, we continue with precinct four and precinct five, as we had planned tomorrow we must be in precincts four and five, and see how quickly all the precincts move in unit 77, “he added.

He explained that a meeting will be held to discuss adding an additional counting machine to each of the tables.

“We are seeing that the pace of work is not as expected and I have a personal suspicion that it is related to the time it takes for the machine to read the legislative ballot,” said the president of the EEC.

Likewise, Rosado Colomer ruled that he will evaluate the establishment of a second round for the general scrutiny process.

“I think we should evaluate the second shift. Working on Sunday I think we really have to see that the officials who are six days in a row would need some rest. I do not particularly believe that the Commission will agree to work Sunday, “he said, insisting that the following week could be another scenario as a result of the implantation of a second counting machine per table.

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