August 1, 2021

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CEE President ensures that the Telephone Vote test system is ready

Photo: Visualhunt

San Juan – The State Elections Commission (CEE) announced this Tuesday that the system of tests of Voting by Phone (Vote by Phone) is now ready for voters with disabilities and people interested in using this modality on the day of the General Elections.

“The Telephone Voting System allows voters to vote independently and secretly. This is a voting alternative for voters with disabilities, in compliance with the Help America Vote Act (hereinafter “HAVA”), ”said the president of the CEE, Francisco Rosado Colomer in a written communication.

“Section 301, 3 (b) of HAVA establishes that the use of at least one direct recording electronic voting system or other voting system equipped for persons with disabilities is required at each polling place,” he added.

Starting Tuesday, October 27 through Monday, November 2, voters interested in familiarizing themselves with the telephone voting process will be able to test by calling 787-589-8421.

This is just a test exercise.

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