April 14, 2021

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CEE President suggests that the Supreme Court guard the votes already cast | government

The president of the State Elections Commission (CEE), Juan Ernesto Dávila, sought to defend the actions of last Sunday and asked the Supreme Court to validate the decision to paralyze the primaries, not start the vote count and resume the elections. voting next Sunday. He suggested that the Supreme Court could guard the votes already cast.

Dávila submitted an appeal to the court in response to the demands presented by Pedro Pierluisi and Eduardo Bhatia as primary candidates for the governorship.

In a lengthy writing, Dávila listed what happened on Sunday and said that the determination to paralyze the process was left in the hands of the parties because they understood that they are the ones who are directing the primary process.

However, he acknowledged that the operations office took time to dispatch the trucks, but only revealed that this happened “for some reason” that remained unidentified in the letter.

“Given the delay in the process and the uncertainty of when all the briefcases would come out, alternatives began to be evaluated. One of the aspects to be considered was the fact that in Operations the trucks that would go to the most distant precincts had yet to be dispatched; due to the fact that for some reason the closest ones were dispatched before the furthest ones. Likewise, there was no certainty of the time at which Operations could complete the preparation of the materials, ”he indicated in the document.

He suggested alternatives to monitor the machines in which thousands of voters have already exercised their right to vote.

“If the respective parties or their aspirants are concerned that the machines being there could be manipulated; A controlled access system such as locks or locks can be agreed upon so that each candidate representative has control of it and if not all the representatives are present, said equipment cannot be accessed. If this Honorable Court understands that some additional guarantee is needed to preserve said results, there is an option for personnel from the bailiffs' office to guard said equipment; according to the concern expressed by the Honorable Associate Judge Colón Pérez in the resolution of issuance of the title appeal, ”he said. "Another alternative is for the court itself to obtain and safeguard the preliminary results to preserve their confidentiality until the voting process is finished."

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