June 12, 2021

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CEE will issue new certifications for municipal legislators

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SAN JUAN – The electoral commissioner of the Popular Democratic Party (PPD), Gerardo Antonio Cruz Maldonado, requested the annulment of the certifications issued to municipal legislators due to an erroneous interpretation of the Electoral Code by the State Elections Commission (CEE).

The Certifications dated January 5 were annulled and today new ones will be issued as requested and stipulated in the Law, in a unanimous decision by all the electoral commissioners of the political parties.

“The president of the Commission made an erroneous interpretation of the Municipal Code and determined to certify to the municipal legislators of minority that occupy the position one and two the columns of other parties different from those of majority in the municipal ballot. This happened for the 78 municipalities. When we became aware of the violation of the Law, we immediately sent a communication so that the certifications were corrected and new certifications were issued in accordance with the provisions of the Law, ”said Cruz Maldonado in written statements.

“During yesterday’s session, our request was accepted and it is expected that from today the new Certifications will begin to be issued. It is important to do the same since otherwise the municipal legislatures of Puerto Rico would be unable to swear in on Monday, January 11, as established by law, “he added.

Article 1.022 of the Municipal Code establishes in subsection (a), that “The EEC will declare elected, among the candidates who have not been elected by direct vote, those two who have obtained the most votes in the party that came second in the vote. for Municipal Legislator, and one of the party that came third. “

“This provision is identical to the repealed law of Autonomous Municipalities of Puerto Rico in its Article 4.003. However, the president relied on subsection (b) of Article 1.022 of the New Municipal Code, Law 107, when that subsection is only applicable when there is a tie, using the order in which it appears on the papleta ”, argued Cruz. “It is our duty and the duty of the EEC to guarantee the right to vote and the protection of the principles of municipal laws.”

The commissioner maintained that had the previous decision been upheld, the minority municipal legislators from all the political parties that nominated candidates in Puerto Rico would have been affected.

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