November 30, 2020

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Center of the System closed 9-1-1 for positive to Covid-19 | government

The Secretary of the Department of Public Security (DSP), Pedro Janer and the Commissioner of the Bureau of Emergency Systems of 9-1-1, (NSE9-1-1), Yazmín M. González Morales, reported that the facilities located in Hato Rey, which support the central offices of the Bureau, were closed in the afternoon today, due to an employee who tested positive for Covid-19.

“As reported by Commissioner González Morales, an employee of the team of telecommunicators had a positive result after performing the molecular test that detects Covid-19. As is the norm in these cases, the emergency protocol was activated so that all personnel undergo the corresponding tests, for their safety. They stressed to the public that the service will continue to be offered from the Call Reception Center located in Guaynabo and will not be affected, "said the secretary.

For her part, the commissioner explained that the pertinent steps are being taken so that initiate the disinfection process by a private company, and also reported that the 66 employees who kept working in the facilities that were closed will be required molecular tests with negative results before rejoining their work areas.

"It is worth remembering that since the beginning of the emergency in Puerto Rico, we have acted diligently, efficiently, and responsibly, developing prevention and response protocols to protect health and ensure the well-being of our work team. Although there are external factors beyond our control, we continue to work to remain prepared with a quick and efficient response when handling situations like this. We urge staff to take the precautions and protection measures recommended for the health of them, their families and coworkers, "stressed González Morales.

The continuity of services will be offered from the primary CRL located in Guaynabo, which recently resumed operations.

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