June 15, 2021

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Central 9-1-1 call center offices closed after employee tests positive for COVID-19

The central offices of the 9-1-1 Emergency Systems Bureau, where the Guaynabo Call Reception Center (CRL) is located, were closed this afternoon after an employee tested positive for COVID- 19 .

This was reported by Commissioner Yazmín González Morales and the secretary of Public Security Pedro Janer, in a press release issued tonight.

Services will be offered from Support CRL located in Hato Rey.

“This afternoon the commissioner informed us that an employee of the telecommunications team had a positive result after performing the molecular test that COVID-19 detects. Immediately, the emergency protocol was activated to ensure that all personnel undergo the corresponding tests and ensure their safety. It is important that citizens keep in mind that the service will continue to be offered uninterruptedly from the Call Reception Center located in San Juan and will not be affected "said the secretary.

For her part, the commissioner explained that The pertinent steps were taken so that a company could start the disinfection process of the building and the equipment tomorrow, and also reported that the approximately 90 employees who kept working in the building will undergo molecular tests.

"We coordinate with the National Guard of Puerto Rico so that they receive our employees to undergo the molecular test, and if possible, receive the results expeditiously” the commissioner maintained.

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