June 15, 2021

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Central American and Caribbean Games owner suspends visit to Puerto Rico

The president of the Puerto Rico Olympic Committee (Copur), Sara Rosario. Photo: EFE / Thais Llorca / File

SAN JUAN – The Centro Caribe Sports, owner of the Central American and Caribbean Games, has suspended the trip it planned to make to Puerto Rico from January 27 to 30 with the purpose of taking a tour of the sports facilities in the west and south areas, and attend meetings with government entities interested in the organization of the XXIV Central American and Caribbean Games.

The president of COPUR, Sara Rosario, informed this Friday of the suspension and indicated, in a statement, that she received the notification from the regional body, understanding the difficulty of traveling “after an upturn in infections in the region due to the pandemic of the covid-19 in recent days and travel restrictions and logistics ”.

“Visits were suspended for El Salvador and us, Puerto Rico, until further notice given the health outlook experienced by the pandemic in recent days where strict policies and restrictions have been lifted for international travelers in order to avoid more infections. ”, Indicated the president of COPUR.

The commission’s visit included three of the members of the Centro Caribe Sports executive committee with its president Luis Mejía, the general secretary, Eduardo Álvarez, and the first vice president, Jimena Saldaña.

“The work continues with great impetus and desires to host the 2022 Central American and Caribbean Games,” said the Olympic leader.

The island is in competition with San Salvador to host them.

Both countries have hosted the regional event in the past. Puerto Rico has hosted the jousts on three occasions: San Juan 1966, Ponce 1993 and Mayagüez 2010. For its part, El Salvador, San Salvador has hosted in 1935 and 2002.

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