April 13, 2021

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Central University of Bayamón announces virtual start of the academic year

The interim president of the Central University of Bayamón ( UCB ), Ángel Valentín Román and the Administrative Board component Board of Directors that brings together the Dean of Academic Affairs, Administration and Finance, and Student Affairs, as well as Human Resources, Marketing and Recruitment, announced the start of the courses for this semester virtually .

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The administrative decision and its president rested on the recommendations that were recently shared by the National Center for Disease Control and Prevention ( CDC ); the reports of the Department of Health of Puerto Rico and other institutions that manage, guide and exhort about the care and safety in the management of infectious diseases, especially that related to the pandemic of the COVID-19 .

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For the peace of the university community that includes its administrative staff, employees, and parents of students, the UCB will offer the majority of the virtual courses through the MOODLE platform except those laboratories specialized in science. However, laboratories that have hybrid teaching ( face-to-face and virtual ) have rigorous biosafety protocols that They will safeguard the physical integrity of teachers and students when they participate in these technical operations and that are part of a defined course.

The beginning of classes for the graduate program will be from 3 of August 2020 . For the regular program which covers the associate degrees and high school they will begin on August 17, 2020 . In the case of Graduate School of Theology and Ministry the courses will begin on August 17, 2020 . It is important that every student, undergraduate and graduate, have accurate information regarding the beginning of classes, according to their educational cycle, and that the mode of study will be virtual until the government of Puerto Rico in a new executive order decrees a reintegration stage contemplated in the fourth opening phase.

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