February 28, 2021

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Chamber allocates over $ 22 million for western municipalities

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The capitol – The House of Representatives, led by Carlos ‘Johnny’ Méndez Núñez, has allocated the figure of over 22 million dollars in funds during this four-year period for public works, infrastructure rehabilitation and direct aid to the citizens of the municipalities in the area west of the Island.

The announcement was made by the representative for District 17, Wilson Román López, along with representatives Maricarmen Mas Rodríguez, José ‘Che’ Pérez Cordero and Félix Lassalle Toro.

“We have definitely done a lot more with less. This House of Representatives, aware of the challenges faced by our people in the western area, made the decision since January 2017 to identify items to assign, directly, in order to improve the quality of life of our constituents by carrying out of new public works, not seen in years, as well as investment in non-profit entities, health and education organizations, as well as direct impact on people. We have allocated over 22 million dollars, including the historic amount of 5.6 million dollars for impact work for the people per Representative District, ”said Román López, who represents the municipalities of Aguadilla and Moca in written communication.

“Each of the four Representatives from the western region of the New Progressive Party allocated the amount of over $ 1.4 million for direct work in our representative districts. That is a figure never seen before and it is historical because we inherited a government in total bankruptcy with a federal Fiscal Control Board imposed and determined to cut here and there. Achieving this level of aid, including a million dollars directly to each western municipality, and an additional million in supplemental aid, is unprecedented, ”added Mas Rodríguez, who represents District 19 of Mayagüez and San Germán.

“While in the past funds allocated to serve the health system in the west were taken away, we in the House of Representatives remain focused on ensuring that our area receives the care it deserves. Without a doubt, this budget allocation will be of great benefit to everyone in the west, ”said Pérez Cordero, who represents District 18 of Aguada, Añasco, Moca, Rincón and Mayagüez.

Among the monies consigned in the budget resolutions approved by the House of Representatives this year are about $ 700,000 for improvements to the physical plant, as well as the repair of the electrical and sanitary systems at the Doctor Ramón Emeterio Betances Hospital, better known like the Mayagüez Medical Center.

Some 300,000 dollars were also allocated for the move of the Mayagüez pediatric center, another amount of 250,000 dollars to rehabilitate the Public Health Unit in Mayagüez, 200,000 dollars to repair the physical plant of the Regional Office of the Department of Health in the ‘Sultana del Oeste ‘and a $ 100,000 grant to replace central air conditioning units in the pediatric center, among many others.

“The approach of our Speaker of the House has been one: to help people directly and today we have succeeded. To say that we managed to allocate almost six million directly, in these times of fiscal crisis and under a Board that cut everything, is a great triumph for our constituents. We will continue to focus on improving infrastructure and promoting economic development in the region, ”said Lassalle Toro, who represents District 16 of Isabela, San Sebastián and Las Marías.

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