June 14, 2021

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Chamber gives way to technical amendments to the Internal Revenue Code

The capitol The House of Representatives, in Extraordinary Session, confirmed this Monday House Bill 2619, authored by Representative Antonio “Tony” Soto Torres, which amends the “Puerto Rico Internal Revenue Code of 2011”.

The bill empowers the Secretary of the Department of the Treasury to set a new deadline for filing returns related to taxable year 2020 through an administrative pronouncement.

Similarly, it provides that said date may not be extended beyond June 15, 2021.

Shortly after, the representatives accepted, by the Commission on Federal, International and Status Relations, chaired by the representative José Aponte Hernández, the final report of Chamber Resolution 55, authored by President Carlos “Johnny ”Méndez Núñez and Aponte Hernández, who investigated the issues that affect the definitive solution of the political status of Puerto Rico.

Following this, the representative Aponte Hernández also delivered the final report of the House Resolution 1523, which he attended in the Commission together with the Economic Development, Planning, Telecommunications, Public-Private Alliance and Energy Commission, chaired by the representative Víctor Parés Otero. The latter inquired about the complaints of the alleged monopoly after the approval of the collaborative agreement of the maritime cargo companies Luis Ayala Colón (LAC) and Puerto Rico Terminals (PRT), affiliated with Maritime Tote.

The same happened with the final reports of House resolutions 138, 508, 536 and 802, presented by the representative Maricarmen Mas Rodríguez, who chairs the Commission for Integrated Development of the West Region; and the second partial report of House Resolution 87 was accepted, which was shown by the Commission of the Integrated Region of the Eastern Region, chaired by representative Ángel Peña Ramírez.

All the reports were approved and the distribution of these to the concerned agencies was ordered.

Shortly before, the House Resolution 1820, authored by the Speaker of the House, was accepted to express condolences and the deepest condolences, on the part of the House of Representatives, to the family and loved ones of whoever was alive. Richard Hinch, Speaker of the New Hampshire House of Representative.

As part of the work, the legislators accepted the amendments introduced by the Senate of Puerto Rico in the Joint Resolution of the House 754, which amends the “Law of Prevention and Intervention with Domestic Violence”.

Regarding House Bill 2606, which revises an article of the “Penal Code of Puerto Rico,” the chamber body did not concur with the amendments of the sister body. Therefore, a Conference Committee was formed to address the discrepancies.

The House of Representatives recessed its work until Wednesday, December 23, 2020, at 1:00 p.m.

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