May 15, 2021

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Charbonier wants to stay until September in the Chamber for supposed transition

Representative MarĂ­a Milagros Charbonier, who was arrested and charged by federal authorities, submitted her resignation for September 15 to have space to make a transition of the commission that presides over the House of Representatives.

According to It is read in the text of the letter sent, Charbonier requested that space of time, in addition to the transition of the legal commission, to seek to do the same with the civil code, penal code as well as other administrative matters concerning these last four years.

According to the legislator, this job is arduous and seeks not to put the burden on the president and his colleagues.

"I have to assume this responsibility and this will require time, effort, a lot of effort and money. Amerita that this burden is not on you, "he indicated.

Charbonier closed his letter stating that he worked in the legislature with responsibility and commitment.

" My family and I will surpass It's this test that I know God has allowed to see greater things and His victory over evil. With his hand we will cross the street of tears and he will change it into a fountain. I am calm, at peace and with a clear conscience. I came here to work and I did that with responsibility and determination, "she concluded.

Today morning, the representative had informed her intention to leave the New Progressive Party (PNP) and continue in her seat as an independent legislator. The representative herself reported, after analyzing the situation, she sent another letter announcing her departure.

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Charbonier, could face up to a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison if found guilty for each count of honest services wire fraud and for the count of obstruction of justice filed against him by a federal Grand Jury.

During a press conference, the Chief of Federal Prosecutors in Puerto Rico, Stephen Muldrow, also indicated that the legislator faces a maximum sentence of five years for the conspiracy charges and until 1st years For the charges of bribery, theft and illegal commissions of federal funds.

The indictment contains 13 criminal charges for conspiracy, money laundering, theft, illegal commissions, electronic fraud of honest services and obstruction to justice. As part of the fraud scheme, Charbonier would have received about $ 100,000 from the beginning of 2017 to July 2020.

Charbonier was arrested along with her husband Orlando Montes and her son Orlando Montes-Charbonier – for allegedly participating in a fraud scheme in which he consisted of inflating the salary of the legislative employee, Frances Acevedo. According to the indictment, the conspiracy scheme to commit bribery and obtain kickbacks – also known as kickbacks – centered on Charbonier inflated Acevedo's salary – from about $ 800 bi-weekly to $ 2,900 bi-weekly – and in return the legislator received portions of $ 1,000 to $ 1,500 from each paycheck from her employee. Said portions would be received by Charbonier, her husband and her son.

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