July 28, 2021

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Charges against a Minnesota resident for attempted murder

SAN JUAN – Attempted murder, weapons law and damages charges were filed against Cody Jeffrey Heppner, 25, of Minnesota.

According to the investigation, on Sunday, October 18, Heppner tried to hang with an electric cable, and attacked with an object, a man inside a room of the Dreams Hotel, located on Universidad Avenue, in Río Piedras, being arrested in the place.

The case was consulted with the prosecutor Ivette Nieves, who instructed to file the charges.

Heppner was brought before Judge Jimmy Ed Sepúlveda, who found cause for arrest, indicating a global bond of $ 75,000, which he did not pay, for which he was admitted to jail in Bayamón.

The incident was investigated by agent Juan Clemente Hernández, from the San Juan CIC.

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