May 15, 2021

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Charges against a police officer for gender violence

José González Villafañe.

He was identified as José González Villafañe

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José González Villafañe.

Agent Tania Cortés Correa, from the Arecibo Area Domestic Violence Division, together with prosecutor Juan Ayala Acevedo, filed charges for aggravated abuse under Law 54 of Domestic Violence, against José González Villafañe, 25 years old and resident of Arecibo

González Villafañe belongs to the Puerto Rico Police Bureau attached to the Dajao barracks in the Bayamón area .

Ayala Acevedo was brought before the presence of Judge Francisco Santiago, of the Court of First Instance of Arecibo, who after hearing the evidence determined cause for arrest, setting a bond of 25 thousand dollars, which was deferred through the Office of Service in Advance of the Trial, (OSAJ) being released until the preliminary hearing.

On Saturday the defendant was accused of aggravated mistreatment of Law 54 of Domestic Violence against his wife. 19659012] We recommend:

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