June 19, 2021

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Charges are filed against a subject in Caguas for robbing a pharmacy by intimidating with a syringe

Agent Edwin Zayas, attached to the Theft Division of the Caguas Criminal Investigation Corps, filed criminal charges against Ángel D Rivas Cardoza, 35 years old by articles 190D (Theft), 246A (Resistance or obstruction of public authority) of the Penal Code of Puerto Rico and by serious article 6.06 (carrying and use of a knife) of the Weapons Law.

This is due to events that occurred in separate incidents at the Walgreens pharmacy located on Degetau avenue in Caguas, when Rivas Cardoza, through threat and intimidation with a syringe, appropriated merchandise valued at a total of approximately $ 400.

The evidence was brought before Judge María Rojas Delgado of the Caguas Court, who after hearing the evidence, determined cause for arrest, imposing a bail of $ 20,000 and not being able to provide it, ordered his admission to the Bayamón Correctional Institution. Until the preliminary hearing, scheduled for a later date.

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