April 11, 2021

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Charges are filed against two young men in Ponce for the Law of Arms and Controlled Substances

PONCE – On Friday, February 26, 2021, the Ponce Court Prosecutor’s Office filed charges for the crimes of the Arms and Controlled Substances Law against: Erick Rivera Hernández, 20 years old, and Anthony Rivera Hernández, 18 years old, arrested in the middle of the completion of the Search Warrant, carried out at the José N. Gándara residential complex in Ponce.

These arrests were consulted before the Prosecutor Vanessa Bello, who instructed that charges were filed for articles 6.08 and 6.22 of the Weapons Law and 2 charges for article 401 of Controlled Substances against Erick Rivera Hernández and against Anthony Rivera Hernández a charge was presented to the Article 6.22 of the Weapons Law and 2 charges to the 401 of Controlled Substances.

The defendants were presented by videoconference, before Judge Annette Santiago, who after evaluating the evidence presented, determined cause in all the charges against both and imposed a bond of $ 90 thousand on Erick Rivera and $ 70 thousand on Anthony Rivera. They were loaned, both being admitted to the Bayamón Correctional Complex.

This filing of charges was the result of the Comprehensive Security Plan for the Ponce Area, where a Search Warrant was executed, issued by Judge Rosaline Santana of the Ponce Court, addressed to buildings 5 ​​apartment 70 and 8 apartment 125 of the José N. Gándara in Ponce, where they were seized, 2 firearms (Glock pistols), 1 .40 caliber and 1 .45 caliber, 7 magazines and a total of 311 ammunition of various calibers.

They also occupied: 3 cylindrical containers, 54 bags with marijuana sting and a bag containing approximately 1 pound of Marijuana and $ 1,556.00 in cash. It was occupied for investigation, a motor vehicle, Ford brand, 2014 Fiesta model.

In the middle of the Order, Erick Rivera Hernández, Anthony Rivera Hernández and, in addition, two adults (1 man and 1 woman, 48 and 37 years old respectively) were arrested, whom the Prosecutor determined not to file complaints.

An indictment is only an indictment and is not evidence of guilt. All defendants are presumed innocent until proven guilty.

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