March 4, 2021

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Charges are filed for lying that his grandmother’s car had been stolen

Find out what he really did with your grandmother’s car

Aguadilla – A man was charged on Friday afternoon for allegedly offering false information to the Police, in an incident reported on September 3, in the Muñeca de Aguadilla residential complex.

According to the authorities’ report, Emanuel Arroyo García, 31, alleged that he had parked the red Toyota Corolla on the PR-107 highway at the intersection with Jardines de Aguadilla street, due to mechanical damage.

Arroyo García indicated that he had left the vehicle – owned by his grandmother – with the keys, car registration and title deed.

When he returned to look for it – according to his testimony – the vehicle was not at the scene.

From the investigation carried out by agent Christopher Atilés, it was confirmed that Arroyo García pawned the vehicle at a drug point for the payment of a debt.

The vehicle was bought by a 25-year-old university student who saw a sale announcement through social networks and acquired it without knowing that it had a stolen lien.

Judge Dinorah Mártir Hau, of the Aguadilla Court determined cause for arrest and imposed a bond of $ 8 thousand, which was deferred through the Office of Services in Advance to Trial (OSAJ).

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