June 11, 2021

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Charges filed against 22-year-old woman for attempted murder in Yabucoa

Lieutenant Miguel Torres, director of the Homicide Division of the Humacao Area Criminal Investigation Corps, reported on the filings of several criminal charges for the crime of attempted murder and violation of the Weapons Law against Carmen Odalys Cruz Maldonado, 22 years old and resident of Yabucoa.

The events occurred in the afternoon of January 12 in the La Casa sector of the Limones neighborhood in Yabucoa, where the defendant, carrying a knife, inflicted two puncture wounds in the area of ​​the injured party’s back.

She received medical assistance at the Menonita Hospital in Yabucoa.

Agent Luis Zayas, attached to the Assault Section of the Homicide Division of the Humacao Criminal Investigation Corps, consulted the case with prosecutor Inés Escóbales, presented the evidence before Judge Jeannette Pietri of the Humacao Court, who determined probable cause and established a global bond of $ 200,000, which was not loaned, being posted until the holding of the preliminary hearing.

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