July 29, 2021

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Charges filed against man for illegal appropriation and aggravated damages in Ponce

PONCE – The Police report that yesterday in the Investigation Chamber of the Ponce Court, charges were filed for articles 181 (Illegal appropriation), 199 (aggravated damages), against Daniel Ortiz García.

As reported, on March 31, 2019, in the gazebo on the north side of the Catholic University, Ponce campus, Ortiz García gained access to the interior of said campus and caused damages valued at $ 4,221 to the coffee machines, He also appropriated $ 106 in cash from those machines.

The arrest and investigation was carried out by agent Maritza Borrero of the Ponce Property Crimes Division, who in turn consulted with the prosecutor Vanessa Bello, who ordered the filing of complaints.

Ortiz García was brought before the presence of Judge Carlos Quiñonez Capacetti, who after evaluating the evidence presented, determined a case against him and imposed a global bond of $ 500, which was provided.

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