May 15, 2021

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Charges filed against man who beat dog to fracture

Today, charges of third degree animal abuse were filed against a 64-year-old man, identified as Efraín Ramírez Marrero, a resident of the town of Morovis.

The police report details that the events occurred in the past July 22 at the Antonia Peña de Morovis Sur neighborhood, where the defendant caused severe physical injuries to a medium-sized white mixed-breed dog with cream spots named "Ninie." Ramírez Marrero grabbed the animal by the harness and hit it on the ground repeatedly, causing multiple fractures to the hips and bleeding.

The case was presented before Judge Ángela Díaz Escalera, of the Court of First Instance of Arecibo, who, after hearing the evidence, determined the cause for the aforementioned crime and set a global bond of $ 10,000 dollars, which she provided through a private guarantor until the preliminary hearing on August 24 of the current year.

Citizens are encouraged to communicate with the Police confidentially if they learn of the commission of a crime through 787-343-2020.

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