June 12, 2021

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Charges filed in absentia against Aibonito woman for attempted murder

Yesterday, in the Aibonito Court, Agent Francisco Alvares assigned to the Homicide Division of the CIC Criminal Investigation Corps under the supervision of Sergeant Sánchez and Lieutenant Héctor Maldonado, together with the prosecutor Nanette Benítez of the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Aibonito, reported the filing of charges in absentia against Stephenie Rivera Cintrón, 30, a resident of Aibonito.

The Honorable Judge Ángel D. Rivera Miranda of the Court of Aibonito found cause by article 6.06 (carrying of knives) of Law 168 of Weapon one by article 93A (Attempted Assassination) of the Penal Code of Puerto Rico, which determined cause with a global bail of $ 50,000 dollars and issued an arrest warrant.

Rivera Cintrón, on the date of January 2, 2021, caused two puncture wounds in the left side and a lower back injury and another injury to the ring finger to the injured party in events that occurred in the Barrio Llanos highway 725 in the town of Aibonito.

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