June 19, 2021

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“Charlie” Delgado endorses the repeal of the law that makes possible a special election

Photo: Jason Rodríguez Grafal

San Juan – The president of the Popular Democratic Party (PPD) Carlos “Charlie” Delgado Altieri said on Wednesday, that he supports the approval of House Bill number 21 filed by his delegation in that body, which seeks to repeal the “Law to create the Congressional Delegation from Puerto Rico”; that it provides a special election to choose the delegates who would represent Puerto Rico in its request for statehood.

“In times of economic hardship, where we Puerto Ricans are also experiencing a public health emergency, the state’s priority must be focused on using public resources to address this situation and not as Governor Pierluisi intends to divert $ 8.9 million of funds destined to attend that crisis, to advance its ideological agenda ”, said Delgado Altieri in written communication.

He added that “the theory outlined by the leadership of the PNP, that the more times they request statehood, the closer it will get to getting, is one that turns the process of transforming our political relationship with the United States into an insubstantial, sterile and underlying exercise. to reality. The attempt to clone a Tennessee Plan failed. “

Delgado Altieri reiterated his willingness to “seek convergence in the country’s causes that represent the concern of Puerto Ricans and that should be the priority of the executive and not continue with the repeal of public funds in electoral exercises, without consensus, few serious and non-binding ”.

House Bill number 21 seeks to repeal law number 167 of December 30, 2020 that establishes the “Law to create the Congressional Delegation of Puerto Rico”, in order to provide the rules for holding a special election in which will elect two special delegates to the United States Senate and four special delegates to the United States House of Representatives who will represent Puerto Rico before Congress to demand that the electoral mandate be respected in favor of statehood and that it proceed to admit Puerto Rico as a state of the United States of America; provide the powers and duties of said special delegates; empower the State Elections Commission, according to law; and for other related purposes.

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