July 25, 2021

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Charlie Delgado has not convinced Carmen Yulín to give her her vote

“I have to tell you that for many voters Juan Dalmau also represents that alternative for change,” said the mayor of San Juan

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San Juan – Although the mayor of San Juan, Carmen Yulín Cruz Soto said this Thursday that she will vote in favor of the Government Program of the Popular Democratic Party (PPD), she said that the candidate for governor for the PPD, Carlos “Charlie” Delgado Altieri did not has convinced to vote for his candidacy.

He expressed that Delgado Altieri has an opportunity in the Decisive Debate that will be broadcast by Telemundo (WKAQ-DTV 2) to be forceful in his expressions.

“I believe that here there is a mass of popular voters who are going to vote for comrade Charlie Delgado. And Charlie Delgado today has the historical responsibility of giving, not the Popular Party, to give Puerto Rico a victory using an instrument that is the Popular Party. And for that you have to be forceful in your explanations. If one reads, as I have read, the 347, I think there are 47 or 74, the pages of the Popular Party government program that was unanimously approved last Sunday, I may have some differences, but they are not substantive. This government program represents for the people of Puerto Rico an alternative for change, “said Cruz Soto at a press conference.

“So it is not Charlie Delgado, it is the Popular Democratic Party and who represents an alternative to stop the New Progressive Party. I have to tell you that for many voters Juan Dalmau also represents that alternative of change. So, as a popular, Charlie Delgado’s job today is to convince those who are not popular. And stick to that government program. If he sticks to that government program, I’m going to vote popular, “he added.

Cruz Soto’s expressions were given at a press conference where he announced the start of Head Start and Early Head Start services.

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